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27 Sep, 04:43 AM
The story is set in the Yuigaoka Private Girls High School that lies between the Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama neighborhoods of Tokyo. The school was originally going to be demolished, only to have instead recently reopened to accept students. Within a school that hasn't made a name for itself, along with no history or accomplishments to speak of, Kanon Shibuya and other four first-years girls discover the existence of "school idols" and set out to let their voices be heard. T…
26 Sep, 23:31 PM
Musim kedua dari serial Getsuyobi no Tawawa.
26 Sep, 05:48 AM
The series tells the tale of a young orphan girl, Fena Houtman. Fena has been raised on an Island where there is no hope of becoming anything more than chattel, to be used and discarded by soldiers of the British Empire. But Fena is more than just another powerless orphan. When her mysterious past comes knocking, Fena will break the chains of her oppressors. Her goal: forge a new identity, free of bondage, and search for a place where she can truly belong and find out the true mysteries behind…
26 Sep, 05:04 AM
Minato Kiyoumizu berhenti bermain polo air setelah insiden selama musim dingin saat kelas tiga SMP. Setelah masuk SMA, dia mencoba bermain polo air lagi dan bergabung dengan tim sekolah. Namun, tim mengalami banyak masalah...
26 Sep, 03:40 AM
Once respected as the Demon Realm's second greatest authority, the Demon King's aide, Jahy, ruled her subjects with fear. But when a magical girl attacks and destroys a mystic gem containing massive power, the Demon Realm is destroyed. Although she survives, Jahy has lost almost all of her powers and finds herself stranded in the human world with a childlike appearance. In order to gather more mystic gems so that she can permanently restore both her original form and the Demon Realm, …
26 Sep, 03:32 AM
Cursed by a witch as a child, a young duke gained the unwanted power to kill every living thing he touches. Forced to move away from his family and into a large mansion deep in the woods, the duke is treated as if he does not exist and is continually shunned by his peers. However, he is not entirely alone. Rob and Alice, his butler and maid, are always by his side. Alice loves to tease him, and as their relationship grows, the duke makes it his goal to break free from his deadly curse. Of cou…
26 Sep, 03:08 AM
Saltorine Aldike, or Sari, is a bright, cheerful princess who wants to go on an adventure because she is bored of her tiny little castle in the countryside. One day, a hoard of vicious demons known as "Oni" come knocking on her doorstep, threatening the lives of everyone in the Kingdom. Thankfully, they are saved by a lone traveler named Kibitsu Mikoto who slays these monsters with a mysterious "Peach Eye." Shocked by the dangers of the outside world, Sari decides to set of…
26 Sep, 03:02 AM
One day, a corporate slave Reiji, suddenly got transported to another world. He made the best of his skills to make better potions, which earned him lots of money, and with that money, made a drugstore! An Elf who has trouble aiming with his bow? Give him some eye-drops! A Dragon who always let breathes out fire unintentionally? Don't worry, we have cough medicine for you! Reiji's new, fun, slow life as a pharmacist in a village drugstore starts now!
26 Sep, 02:49 AM
31 year old Omota Uramichi is the gymnastics coach in the children's educational TV program "Together with Mama." He might be sweet on the outside, but all boys and girls are inevitably scared off whenever they get a glimpse of the adult darkness that's the result of Uramichi-sensei's emotional instability. This is a tragic eulogy to all the "boys and girls" who are now adults!
26 Sep, 02:40 AM
Nagumi Koushi is a 12-year-old boy who was abandoned by his father after their house caught on fire, leaving him to roam the streets penniless. Then one day, a girl named Minerva who finds him lying on the sidewalk, takes him to a women's college dormitory, one known for housing troublesome residents, and asks him to be their "Dormitory Mother." Surrounded by older women, forced to deal with their idiosyncrasies, Koushi starts his new (somewhat ecchi) life!
25 Sep, 16:22 PM
Musim kelima dari seri anime Boku no Hero Academia.
24 Sep, 20:32 PM
Di tahun kedua masa SMA-nya, siswa pembangkang namun rajin belajar, Yataro Yaguchi akhirnya mendapatkan panggilan dalam suatu seni. Dengan tanpa pengalaman tentang dunia seni, ia memutuskan untuk berjuang untuk mendaftarkan diri ke universitas kesenian. Suatu keputusan dengan potensi hasil yang buruk.
23 Sep, 02:07 AM
Biwa, gadis musisi jalanan buta yang dikaruniai kemampuan untuk melihat masa depan. Saat dia bertemu dengan Taira Shigemori, salah satu orang yang dihormati dari keluarga Taira, Biwa memberitahunya tentang ramalan yang dapat mengubah masa depan trahnya.
22 Sep, 03:25 AM
Kisah Minami, seorang idol yang menghibur anak-anak. Pada suatu hari ia mendapati acaranya harus dibatalkan akibat suatu masalah, ia pun merasa sedih dan pergi ke restoran untuk melampiaskan kekesalannya. Di sana, ia bertemu seorang duda bersama putrinya yang juga sedih karena acara Minami dibatalkan. Minami pun menghibur keluarga tersebut. Mulia sekali tujuan Minami.
18 Sep, 15:49 PM
Hidup seorang vampir yang dikenal sebagai Vanitas, dibenci oleh rasnya sendiri karena lahir di bawah bulan purnama biru, berbeda dengan kebanyakan lainnya. Rasa takut dan kesendirian, membuatnya menciptakan "Buku Vanitas", sebuah grimoire terkutuk yang suatu saat akan balas dendam pada semua vampir, begitulah kisahnya. Noé, seorang pria muda yang bepergian dengan pesawat di Paris abad ke-19 dengan satu tujuan, menemukan Kitab Vanitas. Serangan tiba-tiba oleh vampir membuatnya bertemu…
18 Sep, 04:06 AM
Gadis-gadis yang baru lulus dari mengenyam bangku pendidikan langsung diterima magang di sebuah perusahaan, bahkan perusahaan tersebut membelikan mereka seragam khusus untuk para karyawan baru tersebut. Sungguh mulia sekali.
11 Sep, 20:12 PM
When Ryuuhei Oda was in elementary school, he admired his kind older brother. Ryuuhei, who witnessed the mysterious death of his brother, is now a cheerful high schooler who doesn't let the lurking nightmare surrounding faze him. One day, while kickboxing, he's bitten by a mysterious creature named Tris and has an unusual dream. He confronts his twisted desires as rumored "Drops" fly through the streets. What does he see beyond that?
11 Sep, 20:02 PM
Empty classrooms, boring days. It was supposed to be a normal summer vacation just like any other. Suddenly, the school begins to drift through another dimension, and 36 boys and girls are left there, awakening to their supernatural abilities. Amidst the whirlpool of questions that come to mind one after another, survival in a supernatural world begins.

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